Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Debut Dagger Competition Opens

The Debut Dagger is the Crime Writers Association's competition for previously unpublished crime writers, and I was lucky enough to have my novel The Belfast Boy shortlisted for the 2006 award. The Secretary and I had a grand day out up in London for the awards ceremony, posh frock and penguin suit, and even though I didn’t win a dagger I had a tremendous time and as a runner-up received an enormous pile of crime novels.

This year's competition opened on 8th January and entries have to be in by midnight on 14th April. Unfortunately, my Novel in Progress isn’t really a crime genre novel so I’ll have to finish it quick and start a new one if I want to enter this year’s competition.

Which reminds me: The Belfast Boy has been with a publisher for over three months now and I haven’t heard anything from them since October. Is that a good sign? Or have they just lost my manuscript??

Anyway, the CWA website has more information about the Debut Dagger.

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