Thursday, 11 January 2007

Flora London Marathon Training 11

I nearly didn’t run today, the winds are so strong. But the forecast said things would quieten down a little, temporarily at least, in the early afternoon. So I set off at noon. I was doing my long run today, as I’ll be seeing The Secretary at the weekend, and don’t want to be wasting two hours of our time together with running when I could be with her (lying in bed with the Sunday papers, basically).

Unfortunately, the weather forecasters lied. My long run took me along the coast, from Sandwich to Kingsdown and back. It was so windy the cross channel ferries weren’t even operating (they were all parked up in the Downs) so I must’ve been crazy to have run. The wind was a gale force easterly, with gusts up to 70mph that kept threatening to blow be into the sea. It was a real struggle to exceed walking pace (or even to move in a forward direction sometimes!) but I thought that, as I was running an ‘out and back’ course, it would be much easier coming back. It wasn’t. I was completely and utterly ker-nackered by the end. My overall time was meaningless: there should be a way of measuring effort – I felt as though I’d run a full marathon. Once I’ve recovered I’ll probably think today’s was a damn good session, but right now I just think the whole marathon thing is a crazy idea!

Distance: 14 miles Time: 2:09:36

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