Saturday, 13 January 2007

Flora London Marathon Training 13

I stayed with The Secretary up in the Smoke last night so this morning I had a reminder of what I left behind when I moved out to the sticks. First, there was the sheer number of people - and so many of them puffing on cigarettes - that I had to weave past on my way to the park. Then there were the smells - fried food, traffic fumes, fags (obviously), women with too much perfume (I'm more used to cow pats and slurry now!). And then there was the deluge of other runners in Hyde Park. I soon got reacquainted with the London way of avoiding eye contact as we passed each other. It's so rare to meet another runner out in the east Kent countryside we practically hug each other! And then I got lost (twice) in Notting Hill Gate running to and from the park. So taking all that into account, I was well pleased with my time this morning.

Distance: 7.5 miles Time: 56:26

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