Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Flora London Marathon Training 3

It was tough getting out for today's session. I had so much to do, and I had a meeting this afternoon I needed to prepare for. Could I really spare an hour or so for running? No choice, really. And after yesterday, when I was a lot colder than I thought I'd be (wind chill factor does exist, folks!) I wrapped up warm in legs and a rainjacket. It just started to rain as I set out, and the wind was just as strong and just as cold as yesterday. And of course the fields were muddier, so the going was slippy and slow. Worst of all, I'd been distracted putting out the rubbish for the dustmen and had forgotten to take a blast of Ventolin before I set off, so my asthma was a real problem. Nevertheless, I weazed my way round the east Kent countryside and felt much better than if I'd stayed tucked up nice and warm in bed.


Distance: 6.1 miles Time: 50:49

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