Saturday, 6 January 2007

Flora London Marathon Training 6

If I hadn't been injured just before Christmas I'd be racing today as part of my running club's cross country team. To make up for it, I ran this morning's five mile, cross-country session at as near race pace as I could manage given I was running in road shoes rather than spkes. It went okay, mostly, although the mind wanders and the pace drops when you run on your own. I sometimes think I'd like to run with a training partner, but it would only work if we both ran at more or less the same training pace. I saw a guy yesterday, during my run, running towards me in what seemed to be pukka running gear at what seemed to be my kind of pace. I wondered why I hadn't seen him out and about before, and whether he was new to the village and also looking for a training partner. But when I drew nearer I could see he had been showing off a bit in his Christmas running outfit and was only out for a New Year's resolution jog, rather than being what I'd call a serious runner. Then again, most of us started out like that, jogging round the park to get fit. It's only when you enter your first race, and jogging becomes training, that you know you've been bitten by the running bug. And it's always good to see a fellow runner. Not many of us round here in rural east Kent!

Distance: 5.1 miles Time: 35:33

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