Saturday, 13 January 2007


The Secretary came with me to Stamford Bridge, where we met my brother and watched Chelsea win 4-0. How can such a high score line result from such a dull game? The Secretary said she didn’t mind – she enjoyed the spectacle of the Big Match. She asked if I preferred the modern, comfortable, all-seater stadium to the terraced ground I used to come to as a kid, when the only seats were in the rickety old east stand. No contest – the terraces were much better! Even without cover (except in the Shed) the atmosphere in those days was fantastic. ‘Where were you when you were sh*t?’ the opposition supporters were singing, as usual, today. I was standing pretty much where you’re all sitting now, I thought, cold and wet, watching my crap second division team getting beaten by some equally crap second division team. But before that we had the Docherty era of the sixties, then the great Sexton side of the early seventies. And we were pretty good to watch under Vialli, too. Sometimes I wonder whether it isn’t better to be entertained than to win. Wouldn’t it be great to have both!

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