Friday, 6 April 2007

McEwan's pebbles back on Chesil Beach

I couldn't believe the fuss made about Ian McEwan's 'revelation' earlier this week that he had taken some pebbles from Chesil Beach and kept them on his desk to inspire him as he wrote his latest novel. Apparently, taking pebbles from that particular beach is a criminal act, and McEwan could have been fined £2,000. (I bet his publicists were happily balancing that against the amount of free publicity his admission had generated.) Anyway, he has now returned the illegal pebbles to the the beach - and hopefully to the appropriate place (which is important - if you read the novel you'll understand why).

So this afternoon I'm off to Sandwich Bay with the armful of pebbles I've 'borrowed' over the years.

Or maybe I should keep them on my desk until after my next novel On Sandwich Bay is published?

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