Sunday, 1 July 2007

Arvon Calling

Last year I went on an Arvon writing course in the Clun Valley in South Shropshire and met some great chaps, including my fellow runner Julia Buckley who I'll hopefully be seeing again next week. I'm looking forward to hearing how her own novel is coming along. Julia has persuaded me to sign up to Facebook where I'm sure I must be the oldest person on the site!

The reason I'm hoping to see her next week is that we have been invited to the launch of Susanna Jones' new book, The Missing Person's Guide to Love. It will be good to see Susanna again, too, as she was one of the inspirational tutors on said Arvon Course.

The other inspirational tutor was Courttia Newland, who I was delighted to discover today has been nominated for the prestigious CWA Dagger in the Library Award.

Good news all round!


Delbert said...

I luv SJ - glad she gotta new book out soon!

Paul said...

Delbert - it's out now - go and buy it!