Thursday, 23 August 2007

Grace Paley

Sad to learn of the passing of Grace Paley. A couple of years ago she was due to attend a short story event I was at, but she was too unwell to travel. Instead, she sent a home-made video, which was marvellously inspiring. She will be sadly missed.

Here’s her ‘final word’ from her Paris Review interview of 1992:

The best training is to read and write, no matter what. Don’t live with a lover or roommate who doesn’t respect your work. Don’t lie, buy time, borrow to buy time. Write what will stop your breath if you don’t write.

You can read the rest of the interview here:


Mary Witzl said...

I loved Paley's 'Enormous Changes at the Last Minute.' And I agree with what she says about writing.

Grace Paley didn't write a lot, but what she did write, she wrote very well.

Paul said...

I think she was a poet, first and foremost. A poet who wrote short stories as though they were poems. In fact, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that she learned to write short stories by studying poetry (but I might be mixing her up with someone else!)