Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Good to be Back

I was reprimanded this morning for not updating my blog. Which is fair – I haven’t even visited the site in weeks. Months. But I have good excuses, I think.

First, the Deal Writers anthology View from the Pier was published. This involved a considerable amount of organising as we self-published. But we also received an awful lot of local publicity. I was interviewed by the East Kent Mercury and got a half-page spread with a terrible photograph of me taken with a wide-angle lens. (Wasn’t it Tony Benn who said he hated wide-angle lenses because ‘they make you look like a loony’? Well, he was right!). We had a very successful launch in a bookshop in Deal, and as the East Kent Mercury sent a photographer we managed to get another page of decent publicity. And I’m pleased to say the reviews have been good, too. But the result has been that we have already completely SOLD OUT of the first print run and I’ve just had to order an emergency reprint.

Second, I’ve been rewriting my novel An Honourable Man, changing it from third person to first person – which is a lot more work than you might think. I've also re-titled it The Long Week.

Still no news on the publication of The Belfast Boy. It has been with the publisher – who insists they are still ‘very keen’ on it – for over a year now. I’m told this is par for the course . . .

Plus, of course, my dad died and I’ve been having to deal with the sale of his house and dispersal of his estate.

So I think I have some decent excuses for my absence. But it’s good to be back!


Kanani said...

Moving post about your Dad, Paul.

I think what differentiates art vs. stuff we make is how it is done. The thought, intensity and willingness to go beyond how things are commonly done either by us or the masses all go into creating that vision or voice that simply says, "more."

Paul said...

Thanks, Kanani.

You're right - although writing is 90% craft it is that extra 10% that transforms it into art. (In my humble opinion!)