Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Writers' Forum

Back in June, I was interviewed for an article in Writers' Forum magazine. During the interview, as I mentioned in my blog at the time, I was asked for my top tips for writers. In an effort to avoid all the usual suspects, I resorted to the following running tips:

  1. Run every day, whatever the weather.

  2. Set yourself goals and targets.

  3. Keep a training log or journal.

  4. Run lots of shorter races before you attempt the marathon.

  5. Study the way successful athletes tackle the race.

  6. Join a running club.

At the time I said these all had a direct equivalent in writing, and I would leave it to you to do your own translation. Just in case you didn't quite manage it, the current issue of Writers' Forum has kindly revealed all. You can read my piece on page 27 - including a full running-to-writing translation. There's also a couple of other pieces on running and writing . . .


Mary Witzl said...

This is great, and I really admire you both for your commitment to running and your dedication to writing. In my dreams I can run -- my ankles are sadly all wrong for it -- though I do plug away on writing, and I never miss a day.

I do set writing goals and targets, and I keep a journal of all my acceptances and rejections. I visit the former frequently, and try not to obsess about the latter too much. There is one big difference between running and writing: it's tough to run when it's windy and icy outside. Otherwise, this translates beautifully.

Paul said...

Thanks, Mary. I have to say my writing is going better than my running at the moment. At least with writing you tend to get less injuries!!