Wednesday, 21 May 2008

The Ten Shilling Note

My story The Ten Shilling Note has been published in the 27th May issue of Woman's Weekly, out this week.

"The ten shilling note fluttered down like a large brown moth, then it swooped under the table where the boy was sitting cross-legged, fluttered again one last time, and finally came to rest on the linoleum floor beside his knee.

The boy held his breath. He looked at the ten shilling note, then at his mother’s unmoving American Tan legs. She was standing at the kitchen table, counting out the money she had saved in the tin from the dresser. The boy was sitting under the table pretending it was the Blitz and the bombs were raining down. When the bomb hit their house the ceiling would collapse, but he would be the only one to survive, safe under the heavy kitchen table. Ka-boom!
All this and some great cake recipes too! Rush out and buy it now . . .

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