Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Review - Something to Tell You by Hanif Kureishi

A psychoanalyst hides a terrible secret as he struggles to deal with changing relationships.

Dr Jamal Khan is a successful psychoanalyst but he is approaching a difficult age. His son Rafi will soon be a teenager and they will soon no longer be able to greet each other by touching fists and exchanging the traditional middle-class greeting, ‘Yo bro – dog!’ Already, the twelve-year-old hides his head when he sees his father. Meanwhile, the boy’s mother Josephine, from whom Jamal separated eighteen months ago, has a new boyfriend.

Jamal has to come to terms with these life changes while hiding a terrible secret. He is a man who deals in secrets for a living yet he himself is haunted by one of his own. His career as a reader of minds and signs began with a brutal act of violence – a murder which resulted in his first love, Ajita, going away forever. The book opens on the anniversary of these traumatic events, and as the story unfolds the past will be coming back to prod at his conscience. Ajita will return from her thirty-year exile, and one of Jamal’s accomplices from that fateful 1970s night will also turn up looking for some form of retribution.

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