Thursday, 25 September 2008 - Too Good to be True?


Arts Council funded will publish the first 5,000 writers who contact them for Free - Fiction & Non-Fiction

To participate follow these 2 steps:

1) Email, and inside your email add your name, address, telephone number, book title, genre, length of your book, and a synopsis up to 50 words

2) YouWriteOn will contact the first 5,000 people who email them by 31st October 2008. Your book will be ready to order by readers as a paperback by Christmas. Open to UK and US residents. - Free Publishing Aims
YouWriteOn's declared aim is to give the opportunity to new writers to help create success for their books. Since YouWriteOn began in 2006, they have seen their authors achieve success through both mainstream and alternative publishing. This summer’s member successes include a six figure publication deal with Random House for Caligula author Douglas Jackson, and member Keith Mansfield achieving a three book deal with Costa Award winning publisher Quercus with his children’s novel Johnny Mackintosh and the Spirit of London. Many other YouWriteOn writers have received rave reviews from fellow writers and readers onsite, and having a book available to order gives new writers an added opportunity to try to achieve success.

Books will be available to order through the YouWriteOn website, and members will be able to get in touch with readers and reviewers who have enjoyed their book excerpts on site. YouWriteOn authors will receive 60% royalties for each copy sold to the public, compared to 12 to15% royalties that authors usually receive through mainstream publishing. Your book will be of the same quality as a bookstore paperback. You retain all rights to your book at all times. Open to UK and US residents only.

If you achieve success with your book and a publisher offers you a good deal, you can take up their offer straight away without any obligation to In Autumn 2007, YouWriteOn published Bufflehead Sisters by member Patricia J. DeLois – available to order online as a paperback - and the successful author achieved a 2 book deal with Penguin this summer. This was after bookstores contacted them so that they could stock the novel, and after thousands of online sales through them. Publishing is completely free through their setup process when writers send them their completed books.

Should you wish to potentially achieve a much higher readership through being available to order through all major booksellers throughout the UK and US, such as Waterstones, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and WH Smith's, then you can do so for £39.99 through YouWriteOn's separate partnership with Legend Press. Legend Press has been shortlisted for five publishing and business awards over the last 18 months, and in 2008 one of their titles Salt & Honey by Candi Miller was named as one of World Book Day's 'Top Ten Books to Talk About'. You retain all rights to your book. Email to take advantage of this offer. Open to applicants of all nationalities.


Jane Smith said...

Paul, I've blogged about this today, and Writer Beware blogged about it yesterday. In my view, this is an offer to be avoided: it gives no advantage that self-publishing provides, and could be damaging to the reputations of all concerned.

Paul said...

Thank you, Jane, for your comment and advice. When you get down to the details on the YWO website there does seem very little difference between this scheme and POD self-publishing (as you point out in your own blog). Thank you again for the warning to the unwary.

Jane Smith said...

Paul, I'd now go further and say that you'd be better off self-publishing than publishing through YWO. As you know, I've blogged about this again today and will put up another blog post about it tomorrow. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

prue batten said...

It is now three months since I was published by YWO and the POD initiative. My book is selling well, I am receiving comment through my website,reviews on Amazon, I have had 4000 hits on my web-site since Dec 28th, 2008, I have been interviewed by radio stations, had newspaper interviews and have contributed to two state writers journals in Australia, plus Australian Author, all in three months. I have grown as a writer and I have come to understand the world of marketing and publicity a little better than I ever did in the past.
Let me point out that none of this would have happened without the offer from YWO. And if any of the nay-sayers want to check on the success of Northern Hemisphere writers they have only to check the YWO site. When I decided to go POD with YWO, a top-selling mainstream author, Alison Goodman, who has just had a massive sign in Times Square for her latest book, said to me she thought POD was the 'brave new world of publishing.' It was that single comment that made me go with the offer.
Prue Batten - author of 'The Stumpwork Robe' . . .