Tuesday, 2 March 2010

100 Best Crime Books Ever Written?

I am very busily avoiding a piece of work I don't want to do by making one of my all-too-rare-these-days visits to blogland. I do so at the behest of Celina Jacobson, a fellow blogger from across the pond, where she posts articles on a site devoted to helping young Americans looking for a career in court reporting. I have to say I found the site difficult to navigate, but somewhere in there you'll find a blog post in which Celina lists the '100 Best Crime Books Ever Written'. I'm not sure what her criteria for selection were, but any 'best ever written' list that includes Dan Brown's appallingly badly written Da Vinci Code doesn't deserve to be taken too seriously. But then, how many of us (apart from a few Nick Hornby characters) take these lists seriously anyway?


Eryl Shields said...

I have a problem with the word 'best' at the best (ho ho!) of times and usually think these lists should be called 'The 100 favourite crime (or whatever) stories of the author of this list'. I suppose they suddenly become terribly important to anyone who finds themselves on one though.

Paul said...

Hi Eryl. Good to hear from you - I've been away too long! I agree entirely, especially that appearing on one of these lists would make that list suddenly important. Not only that - I'm sure it would also make the list suddenly highly respectable, too! lol

boros1124 said...

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