Thursday, 3 June 2010

UK Magazines and the 'Literary' Short Story

For reasons I won’t bore you with, I’ve been trying to identify all the UK magazines that publish ‘literary’ short stories. I read somewhere there were about 350, but a lot of ‘little’ magazines (like Cadenza and Connections) have stopped publishing over recent years and the short story website lists only 79 magazines that accept short stories – and these include organs such as People’s Friend and Your Dog Magazine. Excluding such commercial and specialist mags, as well as genre magazines (e.g. horror, sci fi, speculative, crime, romance), online-only mags and those published overseas, there are less than twenty possible outlets for your ‘literary’ short fiction, which I’ve listed below in case you’re interested.

Address: 17 Priory Gardens London N6 5QY
Contact phone: 0208 340 3566
Lengths accepted: Varying length; it is advised that writers look at the magazine before submitting stories
How far in advance: ongoing
Payment: Token payment plus 2 copies of magazine
Submit: by post only
Notes: Quarterly magazine dedicated to prose, poetry and arts. Takes 3 to 5 stories per issue, all from unsolicited submissions.

Address: Michael Langan, Managing Editor, Creative Writing Programme, EPS, School of Humanities, King William Building, University of Greenwich, Maritime Campus, Park Row, London SE10 9LS
Lengths accepted: Max. 2,500 words
Submit by post only
Notes: You are advised to read the magazine prior to submitting your work.

Contact email:
Lengths accepted: see website
Notes: An eclectic magazine which gives a forum to talented writers of all shades of publication experience.

Dream Catcher
Address: 32 Queen's Road Barnetby-le-Wold North Lincolnshire DN38 6JH
Lengths accepted: About 2,000 words, but longer stories are accepted
Notes: The editors welcome a vast range of submissions, from well-known and unknown writers, including poetry, short stories, artwork, interviews and reviews.

Gold Dust
Subject area: Stories, poetry, film scripts and more
Lengths accepted: see website
Payment: see website
Submit by post or email? see website
Notes: Gold Dust is run as an on-going competition, with a small entry fee for submitting work and cash prizes for all published poetry and prose.

Granta does not have a political or literary manifesto, but it does have a belief in the power and urgency of the story, both in fiction and non-fiction, and the story’s supreme ability to describe, illuminate and make real. ‘The main guideline for submitting work to Granta is simply to read the magazine thoroughly and ask yourself if you feel your piece meets our criteria. We receive many submissions every day, many of which are unsuitable for Granta (however well written).’

London Magazine
Address: 32 Addison Grove London W4 1ER
Subject area: Arts and Literature
Contact phone: 0208 400 5882
Lengths accepted: 2000-5000 words
Payment by arrangement
Submissions by post only
Notes: Literary prose

Address: 17 Greenhow Avenue West Kirby Wirral CH48 5EL
Subject area: Arts and Literature
Contact phone: 0151 625 1446
Lengths accepted: 500-1000 words
No payment but readers pick best in issue and award £50
Submit by post or email? Contact editor
Notes: Published every quarter, usually 4 stories. Literary prose.

A biannual short story journal featuring work by both established and emerging writers. Submission details can be found on the Riptide website.

Scribble Quarterly
Address: Park Publications 14 The Park Stow-on-the-Wold Gloustershire GL54 1DX
Lengths accepted: 3000 words max
Payment: Contact magazine
Submit by post only
Notes: Short story mixed genre magazine

Address: University of Plymouth Press c/o Anthony Caleshu University of Plymouth, Faculty of Arts 6 Portland Villas Plymouth PL4 8AA
Subject area: fiction
Lengths accepted: see website
Submit by post or email? by 15 April each year
Notes Annual: the first issue was published in October 2007.

Stand Magazine
Address: School of English University of Leeds Leeds LS2 9JT
Subject area: Writing
Contact phone: 0113 233 4794
Lengths accepted: Varying, contact magazine
Payment: Contact magazine
Submit by post only

The New Writer
Address: PO Box 60 Cranbrook Kent TV17 2ZR
Subject area: Writing
Contact phone: 01580 212626
Lengths accepted: Commissioned only from subscribers or other prizewinners
Payment: by arrangement
Notes: published 6 times a year. Also runs competition, closes last day of October

Writers’ Forum
Each issue Writers' Forum awards £800 in prizes and publishes the winners of their short story, poetry and young writers contests.

Writing Magazine and Writers' News
Describes itself as ‘the best British how-to writing publication’. They do not publish poetry or fiction unless it has won one of their competitions.

If you’re aware of any other mags that aren’t on the list please do let me have the details.

UPDATE: Thanks to Anonymous (below) who has pointed me in the direction of Tania Hershman's extraordinarily comprehensive list of all current print and online magazines here. Although Tania has included publications I have deliberately not listed (ezines, genre mags, etc) the health of the short story 'market' seems to be a lot less dire than I'd imagined . . .


Anonymous said...

here's a link to a few more :

Paul said...

Wow, Anonymous, that's an awesome list! Thank you so much for the link, which I shall now add to the main post. Thanks again!

Tania Hershman said...

Paul, so glad my list led you to conclude that the short story market in these parts is healthier than you thought. Long may it last! (And thanks, Anon).

Paul said...

It certainly has, Tania. I've just ordered half a dozen of the mags you've introduced me to so I can check them out. More importantly, it has persuaded me there's no need for yet another new mag on the market!

kallol said...

thank paul for your hard work. it is a great work done to give smile on the faces of short story writer those make ilusion reality and reality illusion. the gliding of technological progress leaves them in the field of utter loneliness.

kallol chakrabarti from India