Friday, 10 September 2010

Inkspill Short Story Competition

Inkspill Magazine is holding its first ever Short Story Competition to, in their words, 'give you the chance to get your hands on some cash'. Not a great deal of cash, it has to be said; the total prize money is just £100 with £70 going to the first prize winner.

On the other hand, the bonus is that even if you don't win a cash prize you will get something back. The magazine's editors have promised that every entry will receive a short critique. They don't say how short, but for an entry fee of just £3 (£5 after 1 October) it seems to me a cheap price to pay for some independent feedback on your work AND the chance to win some cash and get your story published.

So if the Sunday Times Competition isn't for you, maybe this one is. See here for rules and information.

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Sophie Playle said...

Thanks for posting this, Paul.

As a small press publication, the prize money isn't as huge as some other competitions, but there is a much better chance that entrants can win. To raise the £100 needed for prizes, Inkspill Magazine only needs 20-34 entrants (20 at £5 a pop, and 34 at the reduced early entry fee of £3). If there are more entries than that, the prize money will increase! So everything is working as much in favour for the writers as possible :)