Thursday, 16 April 2015

Marketing and the Writer

I’ve always felt uncomfortable ‘pushing’ my work. Call me old fashioned (or just old) but I still feel that books should be read and judged on their own merit rather than as the result of a great marketing campaign. I’m not naive enough to think great marketing doesn’t help, it’s just that too often I’ve been hoodwinked into reading a book because the marketing was immeasurably better than the book itself.

I started blogging ten years ago because my publisher at the time said it would be good for my book sales to ‘reach out’ to potential readers. I was encouraged to go on Twitter for the same reason. I followed all the strategies I was told would result in readers flooding to my pages, but I was never really convinced. I felt like the pushy salesman who harasses you the moment you walk into his shop. When that happens, I’m the kind of guy who just walks straight back out the door. I couldn’t help feeling most people were that kind of guy, too.

So I’m grateful to Debi Alper for pointing me in the direction of this rather interesting post:

I suddenly feel I’m not alone. And more than a little reassured….

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